Candidates on Demand Recruiting Systems for the Real Estate Industry

A Constant Flow of New Candidates. Getting talented people to consider a career change to real estate is difficult work. Without proven methodologies and candidate advertising expertise, results are disappointing and valuable resources are squandered. HiringCenter is a proven recruiting system that produces a consistent, month-to-month flow of high-quality candidates.


Guaranteed Results. If you’re going to invest resources in recruiting, doesn’t it make sense to require your vendors to produce guaranteed results? HiringCenter was benchmarked by progressive real estate companies in more than 20 metropolitan areas across the United States. By developing and deploying scalable sourcing techniques, HiringCenter is the only recruiting system that delivers guaranteed candidate sourcing results.


Gimmick Free. Smart and talented candidates can smell a gimmick a mile away. Recruiting systems that are built on relevant and validated sourcing techniques bolster the brand of your company. Deploying a low-cost recruiting system based on gimmicks can send the wrong message to both your candidates and your customers. The HiringCenter recruiting system is gimmick free. No bait-and-switch tactics, goofy simulations, canned profiles, non-validated assessments, or anything else that will harm your brand.

Get Rid Of What’s Not Working

Running a successful business during tight economic times requires that waste be eliminated. Investments must still be made, but only on things that produce verifiable results. If you have a recruiting system that is not producing results, it is time to get rid of it. Replacing your current recruiting system with HiringCenter will help you produce measurable results.

Stop Pretending You’re a Marketing Expert

In an era of tight budgets and strained resources, many recruiters are expected to be candidate marketing experts. This doesn’t work because the learning curve is too steep and expensive. Outsourcing is cheaper and more effective. HiringCenter will equip you to improve results and reduce advertising expenditures—guaranteed.

Gain Advertising Efficiencies Through Economies of Scale

HiringCenter is used by progressive real estate companies in more than 20 metropolitan areas across the United States. By combining advertising resources, the cost of candidate advertising can be significantly reduced. These savings are passed directly on to our clients. Even small companies can experience the discounts normally reserved for larger organizations that commit to expensive long-term contracts. HiringCenter reduces both the costs and the risks associated with advertising by allowing clients to participate in advertising programs on a month-to-month basis.

Poor Execution Produces Poor Results

Successful recruiting is accomplished by building trust and credibility with the most talented individuals. Trust and credibility is achieved through consistent and meaningful follow-up with candidates. HiringCenter is an industrial-strength recruiting system that ensures follow-up tasks are conceived with forethought and executed with regularity. Consistent follow-up produces consistent results.

New Economic Realities Require New Techniques

Have you noticed that the “lake” in which you’re fishing for new candidates has started to dry up, thus producing diminished results? In many markets, the flow of new candidates has slowed to a trickle. As a result, real estate companies are fighting over fewer and fewer candidates, with no hope of meeting their recruiting objectives. There is a better way. HiringCenter can help you find new lakes in which to cast your line and identify candidates your competitors have no chance of catching.

Source Semi-Active and Passive Candidates

About 30% of the workforce is in some mode of job search at any given point in time. Most of these candidates are employed while they are looking for a new job. HiringCenter makes your ads more visible and attractive to passive candidates who subconsciously filter out most job postings.

Hold Yourself and Others On Your Recruiting Team Accountable

The recruiting process is always characterized by good intentions. But unless there is accountability, the intentions do not materialize into actions that produce measurable results. HiringCenter offers a system of self-accountability for hiring managers operating independently. If you’re a company that depends upon a team of managers to perform the recruiting function, HiringCenter provides the framework for company-wide accountability.

Low-Cost Solutions Produce Limited Results

Some companies tout a high return on investment (ROI) by lowering costs and comparing those costs to a limited return. For example, if a recruiting solution costs $300/month and is able to produce two hires per month, the cost per hire metric is quite compelling. However, what if your company needs to hire ten agents per month? The “two hires per month” recruiting system is not going to get you there. HiringCenter is a scalable recruiting solution that not only produces an attractive ROI, but can address your requirements completely.